10-Minute Puppets

It's the Swiss Army knife of activity books: how to make puppets anywhere, in ten minutes or less, using everyday materials. Parents and kids can learn how to make 30 puppets using socks, paper bags, napkins, and the most important tools of all — your two hands.

10-Minute Puppets is filled with imaginative ideas, energy, and the pure, childlike pleasure of turning objects into characters. With full-color illustrations throughout, the book has step-by-step instructions for each puppet, pages of puppet parts and bodies to cut out and use, and tips on how to create a simple puppet theater.

So the food is late and your six-year-old is about to lose it. You know what to do: Using a marker and your napkin, make the fashionable Lady Finger and start entertaining. Better yet, pass the marker to your child to create Handford, and the two of you can put on an impromptu dinner show.

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Box!: Castles, Kitchens, Costumes, and Other Cardboard Creations

How many times have you spent money on some fancy new toy for your child, only to have her ignore the toy and instead crawl into the large box it came in? Whether you’re on a budget or just refuse to pay high prices for noisy, plastic toys, Box! offers parents do-it-yourself, environmentally friendly crafts that can be made with cereal boxes, packing boxes, toilet paper rolls, and egg cartons.
Filled with easy-to-make cardboard box craft ideas complete with supply lists, four-color photos, tips, and templates, Box! supplies parents with projects that will keep their children entertained for hours, such as: 

  • making “little people” with toilet paper rolls creating a pirate ship out of a milk carton
  • fashioning a telescope using a paper towel tube
  • assembling planes, trains, and automobiles from cracker boxes, pasta boxes, or toothpaste boxes
  • even constructing a child-sized desk out of three large boxes

This book is the perfect way to make fun, inexpensive, sustainable toys for your little one.

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